My name is Anitra Pavlico and I’ve been studying Stoicism on my own for a few years. Thanks for visiting this blog. I welcome any comments or suggestions. Feel free to use the comment feature, or you can also email me at apavlico at Gmail.

When I started this blog in 2016 I wanted to fly under the radar for professional and personal reasons, so I used a pen name. This year I also started writing at the 3 Quarks Daily site, under my actual name. I jealously guard my privacy but have found that no one has stalked me (knock on wood). No one else seems to mind sacrificing their privacy these days . . .

My day job is lawyer, and my former firm represented Trump. I am a working mom with a young son in a turbulent world. These and many other things in my life have led me to strive to develop mental and emotional toughness via Stoicism.

I may not always write about Stoicism, but I will try to stick to some sort of guiding principles.