Hi there,

My self-imposed mission is to share old writings and reflect on how they are still relevant today. I plan to focus on the Stoics and hope to appeal to the layperson, as that is what I consider myself, and use plain language. We are all overburdened with information, likely sleep-deprived, overextended and double- or triple-booked mentally. For me, Stoicism is an antidote to the prevailing toxins of busyness and materialism and the general sense of excess–hence the title of this blog.

I have a lot to read and a lot to learn. I hope that having a blog will keep me accountable, spurring me to continue studying and overcome distractions.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Anitra ,
    i enjoy your article it stimulates my brain muscle , mail all your observations and comments via email to me.
    DR Venkateshan


  2. Hello Anitra. My name is Travis Hume. I am the creator and administrator for applyingstoicism.com, and its facebook/google+/twitter accounts.
    In the near future I intend to add a “links” section to my website that will include all Stoicism-focused blogs and websites that I become aware of. May I include this website in the list?


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